Wall Of Life - Quinn - Fifty Lives

Tissue Donor

Quinn was 9 weeks old when he passed away. His parents awoke to find Quinn not breathing. As his parents attempted to revive him, First Responders arrived and transported him to a nearby hospital where he was revived. Due to the anoxic injury that he suffered, he was transported to a trauma hospital about an hour away. During the days that followed, it became evident to Quinn's parents that his brain injury was severe and that they would have to make some very difficult decisions. Quinn's mother, Denien, asked her husband, Patrick, if they should consider donating Quinn's organs. Patrick and Denien decided that would be an option that they would like to consider. Quinn still had some blood flow to his brain, so he was not able to be evaluated for organ donation, but the injury was severe enough that the family decided to withdraw life support and allow Quinn to live his final days in a hospice facility surrounded by family. Patrick and Denien learned that once Quinn's heart stopped beating he would still possibly be able to help other infants through heart valve donation. This option was of interest, in hopes that something good could come from the tragedy that had occurred."

Quinn very quietly passed while surrounded by family in his last days. He was a heart valve donor and became a Hero to the families of two little girls. Quinn's pulmonary heart valve was transplanted in a 5 month old baby girl and his aortic valve was transplanted in a 2 month old baby girl. Because of his short time here on earth, his parents believe that his purpose was to be a Hero and they continue to tell Quinn's story today so that he can live on and continue to impact so many lives through education about organ, eye and tissue donation."

Quinn's mother, Denien, has since written a children's book entitled "Who Will Feed My Goldfish". The book is based on conversations that Denien and Patrick had with Quinn's siblings regarding the death of their pet goldfish and then regarding Quinn's death. The book is beautifully written and illustrated so that adults can have a tool to guide them through the difficult discussion of death with a child. Denien's book was released in January of 2012. Quinn would have been 4 years old on March 28, 2012."

Quinn's family designed a quilt square to place on the quilt put together by the local tissue bank. The quilt square contains the picture of a tiger swallowtail butterfly with the saying "My soul became a butterfly and I became free" which embraces the grace that the family feels knowing Quinn's purpose and the gift of life that he gave.