Wall Of Life - Joyce - Fifty Lives

Tissue Recipient

Hello! My name is Joyce and I was the recipient of a bone graft! I was involved in an auto accident in the winter of 1999. My neck was compromised because of the lack of a headrest in the vehicle I was driving. I faced the risk of being permanently paralyzed at that time. I needed spinal surgery to replace the bone in the C5 and C6 vertebrae. I was able to get the bone graft through the donor program! I underwent spinal surgery to replace the bones in January 2000. I have good movement in my neck and I am only restricted a small amount. What a wonderful gift it was!

A little about me: I am an EMT for the county I live in. I am a registered Phlebotomy Technician and also finishing up my schooling to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. As you can see I truly love the medical field! I am sure the process of my surgery and the donation encouraged my love for the medical field and my pursuing the activities I am involved in. I am a mom to two children and a step-mom to four more. I gladly call 14 little ones my grandchildren!

I do not know who my donor family is, but would like to tell them that I am truly grateful for their gift to me and my family.