Wall Of Life - Jessica Lynn - Fifty Lives

Tissue Donor

Jessica was our first born child. She was full of life with everything she did. Always had to please everyone and also make them laugh.

Jessica had a brother and a sister that she loved with all her heart. She was very proud of her brother Jasen for he had just graduated Marine boot camp and was headed for Japan. Her sister Janelle was going to college and Jessica missed her a lot. When Janelle would come home they would end up chasing each other around the house.

Jessica was going to college for a medical asst. She had enrolled for many different degrees, but once she would get started she just couldn’t stay interested and would stop going. She then started doing home health and that is where she found her love of taking care of others. She enrolled into the evening Certified Medical Asst. program at Ross Medical in Ft Wayne Indiana and was to graduate January 2012. Her love of her job took her to many different towns. Her dad and I would get upset because she would volunteer to go to homes an hour away knowing she wasn’t getting paid for her gas. I didn’t realize how many people she had touched until her funeral. All of her patients came to the funeral home and if they couldn’t, they sent a family member.

October 4, 2011
Jessica went and had her hair cut and stopped by my office to show me her hair cut. She was not one to care about her looks, but that day she came in with her hair done and make-up on. She looked very nice. That night was just like any other. I went to bed before Jessica came home because she usually got home late at night. My phone rang about 4a.m. It was a police officer telling me we needed to get to the hospital, Jessica was very sick. This phone call changed everyone’s lives that knew her.

Jessica was placed on a ventilator and transported to Toledo MCO hospital. We left her on until all test came back to officially say she was brain dead. She had a brain aneurysm. The aneurysm had also stopped her heart. We then made the decision to donate what she could give. This was not a hard decision because Jessica was a giving and thoughtful person and this is what she wanted.

I love the idea that she lives on in others and they are able to live on because of her!