Wall Of Life - Joseph - Fifty Lives

Tissue Donor

Sometimes in our lives we cross paths with people who march to their own beat. Joseph Daniel Wohlferd did not just march to his own beat; he played every instrument in the band! As a father-in-law he broke the mold. He never made me feel like I was not good enough to be with his little girl. Instead, he welcomed me in to his family and treated me with support and friendship from the first time we met.

"From the clothes he wore to the car he drove, a 1923 T-Bucket, everything had to have flair. He loved to spend Saturdays or Sundays shopping for clothes, household items or any bright shiny objects. To him, everything looked better with gold on it! If he even remotely thought that you had your eye on something during these shopping trips, he would make every attempt to buy it for you- no matter the cost. As he would say, "It ain't nothing but money and we can get more of that!" He was an absolutely generous man.

The only thing that he loved more than shopping was his grandchildren. All of them, Peyton, Grayson and Rhett, could not have handpicked a better JoJo- he went by JoJo because he could not fathom the thought that he was getting old enough to be called grandpa. He truly went out of his way to make them all feel special. When they were little, no matter how bad his knees felt he would not put them down. He would parade around with them in his arms and his face lit up with pride like a flashlight.     

"On February 12th 2010, the Fort Worth area had received about a foot of snow. For this part of the country that is an impactful weather event. When this part of the country gets snow, everything comes to a grinding halt. My wife, Shelley, and I went to bed without any inclination as to just how impactful that day would be or how our world would be coming to a grinding halt. At approximately 10:30 pm, with the kids tucked into bed and asleep, we had a knock on the front door. At this hour I was instantly alarmed. After all, it was late and snow was deep on the ground. It was Shelley's aunt bearing the bad news that JoJo had quietly passed at home. His death would be ruled a heart attack. His heart attack not only impacted his own heart, it impacted all of our hearts.

"I had remained at home with the children that night while Shelley gathered with the family. Soon afterward I got the phone call stating that the family had been approached about donation. I told her not to make the decision to donate based off of my profession. Ultimately, the decision to donate was made because it was agreed that JoJo would have wanted it. He was able to donate skin, bone and tendons.    

"He was an exceptionally generous man both in life as well as in death. In the end, he was able to provide the ultimate gift of life-saving and life-enhancing transplant grafts to those in need.           

by Jason - Joseph's son-in-law