Wall Of Life - Valerie - Fifty Lives

Tissue Donor

On February 27th, 1983, a most precious gift was delivered to us, a healthy beautiful baby girl. We named her Valerie.

Valerie, a true daddy's girls, gave all of our family the greatest joy. Fun loving and artistic in both her poetry and in her drawings, Valerie loved life, her family and friends.

As a senior in high school Valerie was voted class clown. She had a knack for making people laugh; she often played her tricks on her three brothers.

On May 24th, 2001 three days before graduation, Valerie was killed in a tragic motor vehicle accident and one of our most precious gifts was taken from us.

It was by far the hardest day of our lives.

But because Valerie was always thinking of others, the one difficult decision that we as a family would have to make was already made. Valerie had signed her donor card when she received her driver's license at age 16. She had also discussed with me her wishes to be a donor so that she could help anyone that needed her tissue and organs.

Three days later, we attended Valerie's high school graduation and we received Valerie's high school diploma. Our entire immediate family, along with most of the residents of our hometown of Weiser, Idaho, were present at the ceremony to offer their kind support. Valerie reached one more of her goals in life.

Valerie is missed very much by her family and friends. The legacy of inspiration she has left behind to the many residents of our small community is at times overwhelming. She has encouraged many to think about life and all we have to offer and that even after we have passed we can make miracles happen for many people that may need a transplant.

Now, with each and every one of Valerie's tissue grafts that is transplanted, Valerie is able to reach one more of her goals.

By Johnny - Valerie's Father