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Tissue Donor

My husband of 22 years, Larry, died suddenly on December 23, 2009. He was a strong believer in organ donation. He would always say, "When I die, just donate my entire body to organ donation. I won't need my body anymore and if I can help just one person live a better life than I wouldn't have died for nothing."

To our shock and horror, out of nowhere my supposed healthy robust, hard working husband passed within 15 seconds without warning to a massive heart attack as we finished buying our last Christmas present. He was full of life the moments before he died. A sparkle in his eyes, a spring to his step, full of life and so happy to start a 2 month long awaited and needed vacation. He died on his first day of his vacation. He was driving the car out of the store parking lot and onto the major highway when he made a noise and 15 seconds later was gone. I had to stop the car in the middle of the highway. I was lucky that we both weren't killed that day leaving our 3 children without both parents.

Needless to say were devasted and we have been lost without him.

I received a letter today from the Donate Life organization and went hysterical crying as I read the letter.

I am so proud to report that my late husband Lawrence's donation of life has so far helped 44 people in 17 states in the US. His eyes gave the gift of sight to 2 people in Taiwan!!!

I love you Larry so very much and am so proud of your dedication to organ donation!!!

My children always thought of their father as their hero. He truly is a hero!!!

GOD BLESS YOU LARRY....... RIP my dear husband! ♥

I urge everyone to become organ, eye and tissue donors! There is nothing like the feeling of knowing your loved one lives on in others all over the world!!! I can honestly say, today was the best day ever to find out this information!!

New Jersey