Wall Of Life - Katie - Fifty Lives

Tissue Recipient

As a child, I had a gymnastics accident that broke my nose in several different places. My doctor said I would need to wait until I was an adult to correct the injury. When I was a young adult, I had two reconstructive surgeries to repair the damage.

During the surgery the surgeon was concerned my skin was too thin on my nose and the bony structures would break through causing an infection or scarring. I was lucky enough to receive a skin graft under my own skin to thicken my existing skin so it would not cause complications, which could result in the bone breaking through the skin.

"Because of the generosity of a tissue donor, I am able to have a normal looking nose and not suffer from any complications. This gift has meant everything to me and I feel very blessed that I am a recipient of donated tissue. I think of the donor gift all the time.