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Tissue Donor

My husband, Emil, passed away on September 11, 2011 after a 2-week fight following a stroke and severe brain hemorrhage. I knew he was an organ donor, but after speaking with a representative from Lifebanc, I didn't realize the extent of what organ and tissue donation could do for other people who needed and were waiting for this 'gift'. The lifebank reps were very comforting during the worst few weeks that I had been through in a long time. My husband's accident (stroke) was not only very sudden, but his passing came within 2 weeks of the stroke. It's amazing at how quickly one's life can change. I'm grateful to know that my husband's donation of organs and tissues reached out to help so many people in need. Lifebanc is truly a great group of people and what they help to accomplish can't be explained in words. God Bless!