Wall Of Life - Noah - Fifty Lives

Tissue Donor

Noah was born on January 27, 2006. He was the younger brother of Tyler and the two of them shared a bond just like other brothers do. They were only 2 years difference in age. Noah was all boy but had the best little heart. He was such a loving child, easy to rise, and just went with the flow. He enjoyed riding with Tyler on his power wheels 4-wheeler and playing outside like most children do. He also enjoyed playing with his cars and trucks and loved to cuddle up with his mommy before bedtime, but his most favorite thing to play with was basketballs. Noah was loved by all who met him and could always put a smile on your face.

Friday, May 18, 2007, was a beautiful spring day. Noah, who at the time was only 15 months old, was playing outside his grandparent's house with his cousins, Christopher and Shannon, his brother Tyler, and his Mamaw. His grandparents had a big flat cement driveway which also had a large basketball net for the kids to play with. That day, Christopher ran inside to ask his Papap if he could move his work van, which was under the basketball goal, so Christopher and his friends could play some ball. Papap came out to move his van, everyone got out of the way and they thought that Noah was in the garage with his basketball, but what they didn't know is that Noah had run from the garage where he was standing, over to try to get to his Papap because Noah liked to sit on his Papap's lap and pretend like he was driving. Noah was hit by his Papap's commercial van because he was not able to be seen. There were screams by everyone that were there. Papap ran to call 911 and Erica, Noah's mother to inform them what had happen and that they needed to get there quickly. By the time the rescue team got there, Noah had already passed in his Mamaw's arms. When Erica finally arrived at the scene she wasn't allowed up to where Noah was because he was already gone and everyone wanted to protect her from that scene and keep those horrible visions away from her.

During all of this, several people were there from neighbors, additional family members, medical staff and the coroner. Erica was asked several questions like if she wanted to have Noah buried or cremated and if she wanted Noah to be a tissue donor. Erica knew that she wouldn't be able to put her baby in the ground so she had him cremated so she could bring him home where he belonged and she also chose to have his heart valves donated. They were unable to use Noah's other organs because Noah was pronounced dead at the scene but they were able to use his two heart valves. Since the accident, we have found out that Noah's heart valves have been placed in two separate children who are alive today because of his gift. With Noah only being 15 months old when all of this took place, the demand for infant heart valves is extremely high and the recipient of the valve would have to be an exact match in regards to height and weight as what Noah was. Through one family's most horrible day, they were able to make a decision that forever changed the lives of two other families.