125 Voices - Jamie - Fifty Lives


Tissue Donor

On December 21, 2005 my oldest son Jamie, who was 30 years old, took his life. He had suffered from depression for much of his life, but was so creative, such a gifted writer, and artist. He was an awesome uncle to his nieces, and nephew, who nicknamed him their "Uncle Fun". He worked on the barges on the Mississippi River, but that fall had gone to New Orleans to work doing underwater salvage in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. There he saw many things, that looking back now, probably affected him in ways we didnt even realize. But I can honestly tell you that he probably lived more in his thirty years on this earth, than most of us do in a lifetime.
Because of my experience as the recipient of a bone graft five years prior, I was well aware of the need that exists for donors. So when I was told that he had signed his drivers license to be one, it gave us comfort to know that part of him would live on through others.
Since Jamie's passing I have been volunteering as a speaker for our local organ procurement organization. And as difficult as it is sometimes to tell our story, it helps me to know that on those days when they hear it, and they see the photo of his smiling face...He is remembered.