125 Voices - Joe - Fifty Lives


Tissue Donor

Joe Masello - 1/19/96 - 9/26/10
Community Tissue Services/Dayton OH
Tissue Donor

Our Joe; funny, smart, loyal, loving, and kind are just a few adjectives that describe the son that never disappointed his family.

One of Joe's greatest attributes according to his friends was that he was always there to listen, lend a hand or offer advice. Even though Joe was too young to make a decision on tissue donation, we know he would have made that decision when the time came because that was Joe.

"It matters not how long a star shines what is remembered is the brightness of the light" Joe was our "bright star" and he will be forever remembered and loved.

We will always feel an emptiness within our hearts, yet through tissue donation, we will always know that Joe even in death has "lended a hand" and helped someone in need, which gives us some solace.

There is only love,
Joe's Family