125 Voices - Evan - Fifty Lives


Tissue Recipient

My grandson, Evan, was hurt while riding as a passenger on a four wheeler with his Aunt in Oregon and he was transferred to the Shriners Burn Unit in Cincinnati in May. He received a donor graft and that started the healing process for him to get the next graft and then finally his own tissue to cover his healing wound. I am so blessed to be a part of Community Tissue Services. I never thought that what I did would impact my life and my families lives. Without the donor graft to start the healing process for him, his stay could have been longer. He is on the cover of the Shriners Newsletter and we are so blessed he got such loving care through this process. Evan is an avid baseball player and he had to miss this season but he will be back next season playing his heart out. The donor graft he got helped him so much, and to the donor family that gave this life-saving gift we will be forever grateful.

Debbie Edwards